Client DVD is very easy to use. Please see instructions below to know how you can play files via this program.

1. Clicking on File, you can chose one of the following options:

- Open file

- Open folder

- Open disk

You can also use this hotkey:

Ctrl + O to open file

Ctrl + F to open folder

Ctrl + D to open disk




2. After clicking any of these options a file/folder picker will be opened where you can choose the file or folder or disk that you want to play





3. Clicking on Playback, you can can control playback:

- Play/Pause

- Stop

- Next

- Previous

- Shuffle

- Repeat -> Off / All / Single


- View your Playlist



4. To control playback in fullscreen mode use hotkey:

Play/Pause - Spase

Stop - Ctrl + R

Next - Ctrl + N

Previous - Ctrl + B

Shuffle - Ctrl + H

Repeat - Ctrl + T

Playlist - Ctrl + L

Also for this you can use the following buttons on control playback panel: 


1 To adjust the volume 

2 To Play/Pause

3 To shuffle files

4 To repeat playback (Off / All / Single)

5 To switch to the previous file

6 To switch to the next file

7 To view the playlist

8 To exit full screen mode


5. Clicking on Settings, you can choose one of the following:

- Select the language (Support for 12 languages)

- Select the audio track (if theis video supports multiple audio tracks)

- Select the subtitle file (if this video supports subtitles)


6. Clicking on Help, you can get info about the program version, developer and description (find this info in About). 

You can contact our support team by clicking on Send Feedback.

When selecting Privecy statement you get an explanation how we collect and use the user info.

Player help option redirects to the page with instructions on the app use.


7. You can use Client DVD in minimized mode and in background